August 17, 2013

Empowering Fearless Birth + Giveaway

"The Buddhists say that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a painful feeling about pain. Pain is simply a sensation, but suffering comes from thinking that what is shouldn't be." The Gift of Giving Life

I became a victim of my pain in the depression I experienced following the birth of my daughter. Suffering, afraid, I felt that this pain ought not to be. Recovery was terribly slow and healing came even slower.

I began to heal when I found my community. A group of like-minded women who were compassionate, God-sent, and wise even in their own floundering. I found resources to draw on, talents to call on, and shoulders to weep on. My daughter's birth experience was finally drained of fear, pain, and I began to recall tender moments and sweetness crept back into my memories of that time. 

Now my experiences lead me to cry out in support of my sisters. I feel deep compassion, and I even begin to feel that all these things were to give me the experience to be a peer for those in similar situations. 

One of the stunning brain-children of this amazing group of women I found is the fast-growing, evolving event Empowering Fearless Birth. 

A semi-annual celebration and educational event, Empowering Fearless Birth is an opportunity for Utah parents and providers to meet, learn about each other, and empower one another. 

Attending the event you can expect to experience:
  • Vendors from all over present beautiful goods and services. 
  • Birth and Pre/postnatal professionals available to meet and greet you. 
  • Keynote speakers bringing their powerful messages. 
  • Delectable and nourishing food which is readily available. 
  • Panels who dicuss topics you care about.
  • Last, but not least, breathtaking birth films crown (pun...mostly intended) the event with an overall sense of purpose, wonder, and awe and leave you feeling empowered and inspired. 
It's the place to be this September. 

At the courtesy of Empowering Fearless Birth, we are giving away a couple's tickets to the Evening Events! 
To Enter:

1. Share the website on a social media page telling your friends why fearless birth is important.

2. Share this post on a social media page of your choice.

3. Comment on this post letting us know what sites you shared on! 

Winner will be selected and announced next Saturday at 10:00 AM MST


  1. Yay! Thank you so much, what lovely language you've employed for describing our movement. <3

  2. I posted on the website and this post on Facebook. Hoping to win!

  3. I posted on my FB page for my doula business! I would love to win! As a newer doula, I'm on a budget but would love to go to this event. :)

  4. Posted on my childbirth ed page, "Sweet Pea Childbirth Education." Thank you for doing this! I don't need to win, as I'll be there with the birth center I work for as a vendor, but I hope some of my students, past or present will enter!

  5. Whoops! Didn't realize I was posting as The Birth Center--that was actually me, ha! Sorry... :o)

  6. Okay, I'm really making quite the fool of myself. Those 2 birth center comments are actually from me, Adrianna Costello-Martin, posting for my birth classes page. Oy! I must need some sleep..

  7. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. I am due in January and would love to attend this event! Dang pregnancy hormones made me tear up just reading about it! ;)

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  9. I shared this to my facebook page! I am working on my doula certification and am trying to soak up every bit of knowledge and experience I can to help my clients achieve a fearless birth. My birthing experience was so beautiful thanks to my awesome labor coach-my husband, amazing midwives, and a childbirth educator who helped me obtain the knowledge I needed and let go of the fear. I hope to be able to help women do the same. Thanks! Fingers crossed!