July 12, 2013

Summer Rains

 I woke this morning to the delicious sound of pouring rain outside my widely open summer window. The rain feels like a promise, a deliverance.

I have a confession. I hate summer. I don't hate everything about summer, I just dislike most of the things that come with it: wasps, heat, headaches, fireworks...

But I love the rain.

When I was growing up, rain and the sound of tires splashing, these were winter sounds. Coastal Northern California winter rain is fairly legendary. Summers there are normally rain-free in the extreme. Any moisture comes in the form of fog which rolls in in from the ocean at night.

But now I live in the desert. Rain usually comes as a rage of tears after a long hot day complete with wind and lightning.

Not today. Today is a cool, fragrant gift. A cool slice of California November in the middle of a Utah July. The perfect cure for my summer fatigue.

I sit outside in the garden getting deliciously wet as I let the random drops fall where they may. Eventually I am caressed in dampness. I breathe deeply, stocking up for the next heat waves. I remind myself of swimming, farmer's markets, barbecues, and reading in the hammock as I know that as soon as the rain ceases and the sun comes out, it will dry in moments, and be as if it never was.

Except...the plants will be a little greener, the air will be cleaner, and I will be ready to try again to love it.


  1. I love this post. It's one of my favorites you've done. I loved the rain today.

  2. I love the rain, too. I also struggle a little with summer, but with some of the opposite problems. In Georgia I face oppressive humidity and a constant, nasty, stickiness. Ugh. But you're right, even here, the rain is refreshing and rejuvenating. And we do get some spectacular storms. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your rain today.